About Barra Resources 

Barra Resources (ASX:BAR) is an ASX-listed gold exploration and development company that controls the high-grade Burbanks Gold Project located in the Goldfields region just 9km southeast of Coolgardie, Western Australia. 

The Burbanks Gold Project was initially discovered in 1885 and has seen intermittent open pit and underground production over the past century totalling over 420,000oz at 10.9g/t Au from largely the upper 140m, including 180,000oz at 27.4g/t Au. 

Despite this shallow and high-grade production, the Burbanks Mining Centre has seen limited exploration over the preceding decades, with the previous focus having been on small-scale and near-term cash flow opportunities, resulting in limited or no exploration below about 250 metres.

The Company remains committed to unlocking this latent value, with an imminent focus on our flagship Burbanks Gold Project and our underexplored gold portfolio surrounding Coolgardie, which also includes the Phillips Find Gold Project.

The Company has a highly skilled Board of Directors and Management team with a track record of success in exploration, development, operations, project financing and corporate growth.


Barra also controls 50% of the cobalt-nickel Mount Thirsty Joint Venture (MTJV)