The Riverina Project is located 125km north of Coolgardie and 80km west of Menzies, WA. Joint Venture partner and manager Riverina Resources Pty Ltd (RRPL) earned 70% in the project in June 2006 and in August 2007 the joint venture sold the project tenements and gold rights to Monarch Gold Mining Company Limited now Swan Gold Mining Limited (“Swan Gold”). RRPL (70%) and Barra (30%) retain the nickel rights to the Riverina Project and Swan Gold must maintain the tenements in good standing.

Between 2005 and 2008 the Joint Venture actively explored the Martins Zone ultramafic unit for economic concentrations of nickel laterite and nickel sulphide mineralisation. Drilling defined a JORC 2004 nickel laterite Indicated Mineral Resource in the northern area of the Martins Zone containing 2,340,700t @ 1.01% nickel and 0.06% cobalt for 23,639t of nickel and 1,440t of cobalt (0.7% nickel lower cut), or 924,600t @ 1.3% nickel and 0.09% cobalt for 12,100t of nickel and 800t of cobalt (1.0% nickel lower cut).

Exploration also demonstrated that the Martins Zone ultramafic unit is prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation, with drilling in the southern area of the Martins Zone returning narrow widths of high-grade remobilized massive nickel sulphide adjacent to an undeformed ultramafic footwall contact, including 2m @ 2.80% nickel from 152m (downhole) and 0.4m @ 10.90% nickel from 251m (downhole).

No nickel exploration has been undertaken since 2008. Expenditure requirements for the tenements are required to be met by Swan Gold.

The Joint Venture partners have no current plans to explore at Riverina.