Gold was first discovered in the Phillips Find area during the 1890’s but it was not until the 1930’s that the Newhaven and Newminster deposits were mined. Systematic exploration commenced in the 1980’s. The Bacchus Gift deposit was discovered in the mid 1990’s. Alluvial gold has also been won from the area for some 25 years by local prospectors.

In 1999 mining contractor Barminco undertook open pit mining at Bacchus Gift and Newhaven gold deposits. A total of 20,206oz of gold was won from these operations; Bacchus Gift produced 81,315t @ 5.71 g/t Au head grade for 14,937oz and Newhaven from 25-50m, 41,974t @ 3.90g/t Au head grade for 5,269oz. Low grade stockpiles containing 3,823oz were also treated from Newhaven.

Barra acquired the Phillips Find Project in 2000 and through systematic exploration, extended the down dip mineralisation at Newminster and made a high grade discovery at Diablo.

In 2013 Barra entered a “Right-to-Mine” agreement with Blue Tiger Mining who mined the Newminster deposit and extracted 53,986t @ 2.7 g/t Au for 4,331oz.