1885 – 1914
Birthday Gift Mine: 204,000t grading 27.4 g/t Au for 180,000oz from above 110m below surface. Shaft to 275m below surface.
Main Lode: 146,000t grading 18.3 g/t for 85,900 ozs from above 275m below surface.

1946 – 1951
Western Mining Corporation channel sampled the 7 level at Birthday Gift Mine yielding pay-runs of 30m grading 18.3 g/t Au at 1.5m wide and 76m grading 17.4 g/t Au @ 1.1m wide.
Old assay plans of Main Lode show a pay-run of 160m grading 16.1 g/t Au at 0.4m wide on the 8 level.

1978 – 1980
EZ Industries exploration joint venture.

1980 – 1985
Jones Mining produced 28,000t grading 6.2 g/t Au for 5,600oz from open pit mining at Lady Robinson.

1985 – 1991
Metallgesellschaft/Lubbock continued open pit mining at Lady Robinson producing 172,800t grading 3.8 g/t Au for 21,000oz.

1991 – 1999
Amalg Resources produced:
Christmas Pit: 68,100t grading 2.9 g/t Au for 6,400oz
Toms Lode Pit: 14,900t grading 1.9 g/t Au for 900oz
Far Eastern Pit: 67,600t grading 2.2 /t Au for 4,800oz
Lady Robinson Underground: 21,700t grading 3.0 g/t Au for 2,100oz
Christmas Pit Underground: 2,000t grading 13.2 g/t Au for 850oz
Total Amalg production: 15,050oz

During 1994 Normandy Exploration drilled 8 deep diamond holes and demonstrated mineralisation extended below the 7 level of Birthday Gift.

2006 – 2007
Barra produced 232,200t grading 3.3 g/tAu for 24,900oz from Birthday Gift underground, above the 4 Level.

2010 – 2011
Blue Tiger Mining Pty Ltd tribute arrangement: produced 45,700t grading 4.5 g/t Au for 6,610oz, above the 4 Level.

2013 →
Sale of the Birthday Gift Mine to Blue Tiger Mines Pty Ltd for $2M plus a $25 per ounce royalty after the first 6,000oz of production. Barra retain 100% of the exploration and mining rights outside the mining area (see images below).

Schematic long section view of the Birthday Gift underground mine showing limits of ‘Mine Area’ (Blue Tiger 100%) and location of Main Lode underground mine (Barra 100%).

Barra retains the rights to explore and mine outside the Birthday Gift Mine area.